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Watch out Narconon and the Cult of Scientology

Video: Ex Narconon Worker David Love And Gerry Armstrong [2/2]

 A very good friend of mine David Love is a truly inspirational individual.  I have known David for about year now.  We were connected with each other in December of 2010 by Dave Touretzky, whom is the one who helped me in 2007 regarding my Narconon Arrowhead experience.  Dave Touretzky, along with many others, have helped countless victims of Scientology’s Narconon throughout the years.  David Love and I had a few phone conversations before we went on a radio show in Oklahoma regarding our personal experiences with Narconon, David’s of Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Montreal and mine of Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma.  We had a good time on the radio show while getting the truth about Narconon out, hence “Scientology’s Narconon”.  Narconon is no longer denying their affiliation with the Church of Scientology, in a recent article by the McAlester News-Capital Gary Smith, CEO of Narconon Arrowhead said “Narconon is thankful for its affiliation with the Church of Scientology”.  We still have a long way to go, but with Narconon victims from around the world remains the truth and the truth say not remain silent.  Truth speaks freely, when denied, it speaks louder, it’s persistent , it hurts sometimes but in the end the old cliché “The Truth Shall Set You Free”  is the truest thing I’ve ever heard, but that’s just me.

 I was inspired to write this article after watching one of David Love’s videos on Thanksgiving morning.  David had posted this video last year, I must have overlooked this particular video, or did I?  Well, I believe I was meant to see this video exactly when I did, on Thanksgiving.  The name of the video is “Ex Narconon Worker David Love And Gerry Armstrong [2/2], I was taken aback at the raw emotion within David and Gerry’s voices and gestures throughout the video, if you haven’t seen this video, I would suggest you do so.  I have always had respect and admiration for David Love and everything that he does for the sake of his fellow man.  I am honored to have David as a good friend and a Brother in Christ.  For, we met each other through our painful paths, but the path is not supposed to be painless.  I have met many others along this path, to all I am thankful for your friendships, I am thankful for your courage, I am thankful for your wisdom, and I am thankful to the Lord for placing me on this Wall with each and every one of you.

In David’s video he explains how he went through Therapy in order to learn how to cope in society and that he still doesn’t speak well to this day [mind you, a year ago].  This is very disturbing to me, please correct me if I’m wrong,  but it’s a travesty that one has to go through Therapy after leaving Scientology’s Narconon in order to cope within the society that we live.  Scientology’s Narconon and the Church of Scientology claim to save lives, but in the end they make money by destroying lives.  David, in my book you are coping very well my friend.

Another statement made during this video was that when David went to the Heenan Blaikie law firm in Canada, about his case against Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Montreal, he took a revised release form that would keep his Chartered Rights to Freedom of Speech and Expression intact, yet the law firm didn’t accept.  David would not sign theirs in order to keep his Rights intact.  David left without signing anything and in turn received no compensation, this my friend was a complete leap of Faith.  I have seen many leaps of Faith, including myself.  Taking that step forward with your eyes looking at the sky, not knowing what’s next… how am I going to pay rent, what about my bills, how am I going to sustain myself… is absolutely nerve racking.  But when you completely let go of everything, one will realize that you never had control of anything, you only thought you did.  Sometimes we have to simply just get out of our own way like David Love has.

The fight that David Love is entangled with in Canada is a truly heroic fight.  The truth shall prevail! It will start a snowball effect into the United States and around the world.  The ball is rolling in the US, especially in California and Oklahoma.  Gatekeepers are becoming aware of the truth, and will continue too.  David’s efforts in Canada are ongoing to this day, his Irish tenacity and love for God and His children is inspiring.  By the Grace of God shall you prevail, for His Light exposes all.  Keep your salt strong and your light bright because sometimes we have to fight.  Keep swinging your sword.  Grace seeks no approval, only Nature does.

I am thankful to stand shoulder to shoulder with David and many others alike in this epic battle of Good and Evil.  There are no gray areas in this fight, only Truth!

The Truth Shall Set You Free……

Colin Henderson


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