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Narconon Industry of Death



“Scientology is Religion Like Mafia is Insurance” and their Cult of Narconon drug rehabs are worse than many think — dangerous and deadly above what most could ever imagine.

The Quebec Human Right Commission verdict, first reported by Tony Ortega against Narconon Trois-Rivieres, was unanimously resolved and passed by the members of the Complaints committee at its 654th sitting held on January 16, 2014 as Resolution CP-654.

Montreal reporter, CATHERINE SOLYOM, THE GAZETTE APRIL 15, 2014, interviewed David Love after refusing to accept Narconon’s cash offer that included a ‘Non-Disclosure’ – GAG ORDER that would prevent the victims from ever revealing details about the horrific abuses inside Narconon.

Following more than 3 years of investigations, the Human Rights Commission found Narconon Trois-Rivieres had violated numerous human rights, submitting patients to humiliating and degrading practices, including “charging considerable sums for a detoxification program that is not scientifically recognized…

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