David Lee the Founder of Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.
Letting the truth flow.
Thank you David.

Special thanks to Reaching For The Tipping Point

source for post Narconon, Scientology and Intervention Services and Technologies
I believe it is necessary to help spread the articles by David Lee. He is the Founder of Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. and has been writing on reaching4.info. His words are very enlightening and thought provoking. David’s words have already helped many get out and speak out.
David, I would like to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep that river of truth flowing.

David Lee of Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.

Thanks.  I do want to state that I’ve been receiving messages from former and current Narconon staff members who have (with the exception of one) all said my original post stated almost exactly what they went through in terms of feelings and experiences.

Many people (ex-narconon) who we hired over the years came over because they wanted out of Narconon but didn’t have many options.  They were sick of all the deception and lies and thought we were a way to continue working without fully being at a Narconon.  In the past, we have received calls and sometimes hired people who had former Narconon positions from Executive Directors all the way down.  They generally all said the same thing about the deception.  But they found themselves in a bit of a spot.  When you work for Narconon for many years you quickly discover that your resume doesn’t actually mean much in the traditional recovery field.  You can’t “become” a counselor at a normal facility even if you worked at Narconon for years.  You essentially have to start over.  Go back to school and start there.  A frustrating position for anyone who has worked for Narconon for years.  Narconon isn’t viewed upon as legitimate or favorable amongst most traditional recovery facilities,and in many cases having it on your resume is a sure way not to get hired.  At conferences, if Narconon get’s brought up, they are usually referred to as “the liars” and scam artists.

I believe that many current Narconon staff members find themselves stuck.  You have a job at a Narconon working 6-7 days a week, often for 80 hours per week.  You’re making a whopping $300/wk ($50 a week when I was a trainee) and your room and board is paid for because you live at the facility.  You get sick of the deception and problems but can’t get out.  And if you dare question anything…

I really hope that, in the posts I write, I am able to reach out to those who are stuck.  To help them to understand that you can get out and have a great life.  If their purpose is to help someone, there are many ways to do so outside of Narconon.  And most everyone who has broken free and wants to continue working in the field and begins working at a traditional facility is completely amazed at the professionalism that they see and never knew existed.

There are a small number of Narconon employees that I think probably really believe in everything and feel that although there is deception,it is for the greatest good.  That the lies are justified, etc.  But the majority who are still there, I believe feel and have felt the way that I do and have.  If this is you, please reach out.  How is it that so many of us feel the same way?  I will keep our conversations in confidence unless you state otherwise.  It is the same respect that I have found here among many of the members.

Again, I wish to thank everyone who has been supportive. And again, if there are any questions about my experiences and opinions, I will do the best I can to give the answers that I can.


David Lee
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.

If you feel moved by David’s words please leave a comment.

  1. Kimberly A. Spangrude says:

    David, my family and I have been moved in the right direction by your presentation on Intervention; why families wait. Thanks for that. But I have a question: can you comment on the success of interventions for people using DMT on a daily basis, who have undergone major personality changes? My child, 35 years old with three children of his own,has seemingly embraced DMT almost in a cult-like way. Any thoughts?

  2. Mark says:

    They don’t cover your living expenses any more you pay rent and pay for food. and the cabins are infested with rats, insects and mold. Yet they want let you do what you want at your own cabin…… go figure.

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