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Thank you David.

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I believe it is necessary to help spread the articles by David Lee. He is the Founder of Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. and has been writing on reaching4.info. His words are very enlightening and thought provoking. David’s words have already helped many get out and speak out.
David, I would like to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep that river of truth flowing.

David Lee of Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.

I’d like to take the time to relate how it is that I became immersed in and often embraced what I now consider to be very cult-like thinking.  Understand that I wasn’t naive, even at times I often questioned, but ultimately there were things within Narconon and Scientology that I was attracted to that kept me reaching further for that next “carrot”.  I never did get the carrot.

What I have observed in my own life and the 4 Narconons I had direct experience as a student, staff member, or retread client is that there were, in all of them primarily 4 types of people there:

1)   STUDENTS:  These were addicts who, in most cases, didn’t know that L.Ron Hubbard principles were taught until they arrived.  However, because they liked certain philosophies decided to stay.  More often than most people realize, clients who arrived often created problems if they were antagonistic towards Scientology.  If they weren’t convinced to stay, they were usually asked to leave.  I found it amusing that every time I arrived I was asked a series of questions which included asking if I or any of my family members worked for any intelligence gathering agency such as the CIA, FBI or NSA.  It made it seem that there were covert operations out there that wanted to infiltrate. In my mind this made Narconon strangely attractive.  Aside from the usual Narconon tech stuff, most students were not pushed towards anything further than that.  There seemed to be a mystique about Scientology, but they made it clear that was reserved for only “special” people.  People such as I became.  Because it was reserved, I was attracted.  I guess a part of my addiction has been being drawn to the forbidden.  Cocaine, Heroin, etc.  These all fall into the same realm.  Scientology was no different.  If you said “stay away”, I usually went forward instead.  Again, if a student was openly antagonistic about LRH or Scientology, or relayed anything they had found on a black PR website, they were generally asked to leave.  If however, like me, you were interested in the program, were a good student and didn’t sneak drugs in, showed up on time, weren’t sleeping with other clients, then you were offered a bit more.

At every Narconon that I attended or worked at, I was always taken to a back room where they would pull an actual Scientology book (non-narconon) off the shelf, close the door and say to me “I’m not supposed to show you this, but read this part here”.  I was special and treated so.  I would read something about “thetans, beingness, cause” things like that.  The strangeness of it all was this idea that I was being shown tidbits of a greater truth.  I always felt honored and attracted.  I would return to my bunk, smug in knowing that I was different from my other students.  I was “high theta”, intelligent, maybe even better than.  I was chosen.  And with being chosen always came the offer to me, and other students like me.  “Would you like to work here and join us?”.  If that was possible, I and others like me did.  If it wasn’t the client was usually referred to a Scientology Org in their home area…off the record.

I had some problems with aspects of the program and tried to make my case.  For example, during the sauna portion it was told, and I read in the Narconon books, that for the most part all drugs fell into the same category.  If you took a small amount of it, it created a stimulant effect.  More, created a downer effect.  Even more, killed you.  There was no stimulant, depressant, psychoactive, hallucinogen, narcotic, barbiturate breakdown.  They just put everything into one lump.  They also said that radiation got stored in the body and a sauna could get rid of it.  I would argue about this to the staff and say “This isn’t true, I can show you a thousand scientific references for this being false”  They would either nod and say “I understand” or eventually it would be back into the back room where they’d pull down the secret tome of scientology.

Later I was told that “all forms of sickness or injury” including addiction are related to a PTS condition (or something on the outside creating “suppression” on the being).  Again, I would argue “all forms?  Come on.  What about cancer, or someone falling down the stairs?”  “All forms” I would be told.  Again, the secret book.  At one Narconon I was told that the reason for my addiction was my mother.  At another, I was told it was my brother.  At another, I was told that I was PTS’d to myself.  That my thetan or soul was attached to other secretly suppressive “spirits” that were causing me problems.  I still have no idea what the heck that means.

I enjoyed doing the training routines.  We would try and “bullbait” someone who was asked to sit in a chair motionless.  We tried to “break their confront” and make them laugh or flinch.  It was like a fun game.  We were usually laughing and really enjoyed it.  Who could last the longest was the best.  The ashtray drill, which a lot of people ridicule, was eventually my favorite.  At first I didn’t understand it.  However, with many sit-downs and secret references written by LRH, I was slowly explained the truth.  That if I could practice putting my thoughts and intentions into an immobile ashtray…eventually I could gain the power to do that to a human being.  In other words…I could compel people with my thoughts and willpower alone.  Wrong thing to say to a drug addict like me.  Jedi mind tricks?  Compelling people with thoughts alone?  Awesome.  I’m in.  I spent several years trying this goal.  I never did achieve this carrot.  Man, did I try, though.

2)   STAFF TRAINEE:  At most Narconons, it seemed that there were almost the same number of trainees as staff, at times.  Which was strange to me.  If there was such a high success rate, where did they all go?  For an initial $50 a week I began training as a withdraw specialist, program support specialist, registrar (salesperson), course supervisor.  Training consisted of more of the same that was in Narconon, just at a higher level.   We also had freedom and oversight of our former students.

There is a thing in traditional counseling that is referred to as “Dual relationships” and how they should be avoided at all costs.  I, as a result of Narconon, understand now why it is so important.  Dual relationships means that I can’t be your therapist and your friend.  I can’t be your therapist and date you.  I can’t be your therapist and take advantage of that relationship in any way.  Dual relationships means that it is often illegal in many states for a therapist in a rehab to date a client for a period of years during and after treatment.  It’s a sacred trust.  At Narconon, dual relationships occur all the time.  It is impossible to have a client instantly become a staff member without major problems occurring.  In many Narconons, I witnessed staff members “grooming” certain students to come on board as staff with the complete understanding that they would date them when they did.  If they did that in any traditional facility, many would go to jail.  Not so at Narconon.  Many Narconons are “off the grid” and located outside of a major metropolitan area.  There are islands unto themselves and your social life is limited as a staff member.  So students and trainees often “become” your social life.

As a staff trainee much of my normal language began to be replaced with “Tech” terms.  In other words, a 2d is a relationship.  A job or person is a terminal.  Paperwork and people become “particles”.  People also became “cycles”,  sexual attraction became a “flow”, Soul becomes theta, sick became PTS’d.  My family would sometimes ask me “what the heck are you talking about?”

As a staff trainee I was usually introduced to more about Scientology.  I wasn’t forced, I was attracted to it initially.  A problem that I had was that Scientologists almost never considered anything that wasn’t written by L.Ron Hubbard to be an effective source.  In other words, anything I disputed they would ask “show me the source”.  If it wasn’t in a scientology book, it was basically dismissed.  What a strange and insulated world.  When I started doing Objectives in my courses (where you walk around viewing or touching things for hours or days on end) it was supposed to bring about a higher thought plane and give you an objective view of reality and your life.  I decided that since it was about a “higher thought plane” I would just meditate for a few hours before each objective session, that way I’d have  a jump on the whole higher thought thing.  When they found out, they were so upset with me and I thought I’d be kicked out.  They said I was interfering with a delicate and sacred process and I was combining the tech.  I was introduced to the idea of “squirreling” the tech and how it was the worst thing you could do.  That the tech need always be pure and never used with anything else.  I guess that should have been a warning sign.  Nothing else exists except Scientology.  Nothing….

I was introduced and taken to LRH birthday celebrations where hundreds or thousands of people chanted and cheered about the man L. Ron Hubbard and our mission to clear the planet.  I can’t explain how attractive this idea was to me.  It was one thing to get a job at McDonalds…it was another to be directly responsible to help win the fight against the evils of psychiatry and suppression.  It was the plot of every Sci-Fi book that I ever read, except I could be the protagonist.  To hold the secret truths.  I wanted desperately to believe that I was a part of something great.

3)    STAFF MEMBERS:  Here was usually around 50% Scientologists and 50%“normal people” who really liked Narconon, were former students and didn’t necessarily buy into the rest.  However, it was pretty apparent that if you didn’t further yourself into Scientology you would probably never get a position higher than a basic position.  I am pretty sure that almost every Senior Director or above was a Scientologist at the Narconons I attended or visited.  If you weren’t a Scientologist, you generally weren’t regarded as a part of the elite group.  Part of the many problems that I experienced was my reluctance to start doing auditing.  It was usually cost related.  Auditing costs A LOT of money.  I never did make the jump.  I think I was looked down upon at times, looked at as not serious about Scientology.

As a staff member I never learned anything about traditional counseling, support groups, psychology, psychiatry, health care or anything.  Even our drug education was simply about the sauna and how it removed latent particles of drugs from your fat cells.  It’s strange that in a Narconon, we rarely talk about a drugs or addiction.  There are no support groups or anything.  There is no actual counselor where you can process events, feelings or problems.  I recall once where a woman student asked if she could have an AA meeting during her off time and that she had the support of other students because she felt that she wasn’t actually talking about much if anything about addiction at Narconon.  She was handled and eventually asked to leave.  I don’t feel that Scientologists believe that drugs are a primary problem, but just a symptom of not having done enough Scientology.

I have tried to reconcile Narconon as an alternative, but not very successful, drug treatment program.  In reality, I don’t think it makes any attempt to deal with addiction in a realistic manner at all.  It seems like a handful of random Scientology courses that somewhat fit together in a jumbled puzzle.  It’s like taking random chapters in book and trying to make it all go together in some sort of strange plot.  Most people that attended Narconon had no explanation about “Why or How” these things were supposed to address their addictions.  We were supposed to “figure it out on our own”.

I think that the reason that Narconons will eventually go completely away isn’t completely because of their deception and dishonesty, although I think it’s a major factor.  It’s the fact that Narconon is completely unwilling to embrace anything outside of something designed or written by LRH.  I often felt that if a Scientologist discovered that having an AA meeting at a Narconon doubled their success rate, they still wouldn’t have one there.  They are limited to a handful of books and that is their ultimate references.  They will never know the joys of discovery that many traditional programs experience when they try something new or that has been recently discovered that helps clients recover.  They will probably never grow, but instead be stuck in looking for random pieces of Scientology that might actually fit.  I tried to keep looking for deeper meaning in the strange jumble of weirdness.  Many of us did.  Reaching for the next carrot, or underneath the next rock.

4)   SCIENTOLOGISTS: Almost everyone I met at a higher level within a Narconon was a Scientologist.  In the beginning, I was introduced to my first OT.  I met an OT-4, and later many dozens of them at even higher levels.  What is an OT?  Technical term is Operating Thetan, levels 1-8, I think.  They were revered, and if they showed up it was like a Jedi knight showing up.  I was always intrigued by them and would ask about them to other people.  What powers and abilities do they have, I would ask.  It was always vague answers, but they made it clear that one day, I too could be an OT.  I was told that many Scientologists believe that Jesus Christ was an actual OT, and the miracles he could perform would also be possible for a “high enough level OT”.  It was almost like they were revered as gods.  But, I would occasionally encounter OT’s who smoked cigarettes, drank, cheated on their wives, lied and stole money,  and reverted on drugs.  I never understood why Jesus Christ in human form would do such things.  I was never given a good explanation.

I was also introduced to the idea of the SeaOrg and met with a few SeaOrg members.  Apparently these were Scientologists who signed a billion year contract or something like that.  I tried talking to them and they asked me a few questions.  However, once they discovered that I had tried LSD in my life, they shut down.  Apparently that’s an automatic disqualification to join.

I was also told the truth of the OrgBoard, which is how every Narconon and Scientology organization is structured.  I was told that it was some of the most advanced form of tech that L.Ron Hubbard gave the world.  I was told that he, through auditing, went back in time and viewed his past lives many (perhaps millions) of years ago.  During an auditing session he saw (while experiencing life as an advanced member of a race of beings) on the wall the OrgBoard.  He memorized it and brought it back with him…an artifact of an advanced race of long ago.  I don’t really know if this is Scientology scripture, only what I was told.  I was told a lot of space opera things.  A lot seemed really bizarre.  But I was in the middle of it.  Some I really tried hard to believe.  I was almost always led to believe that the reason I didn’t understand something is probably because I wasn’t “far enough” spiritually and on the bridge to grasp it.  I guess that I’m still not, for it still doesn’t make much sense to me. Narconon Role on OrgBoard isn_flowchartUnderstanding the Public Divisions Functions
I guess that I wanted to introduce a bit of the culture that is found in many Narconons.  After re-reading everything that I wrote down here, I’m asking myself “how in the heck were you even in somewhat agreement with what appears to be absolute insanity?”  Well, I guess when you are immersed in a cult-like atmosphere several things happen.

1)   You are given secrets that only you and a select few possess.
2)   You do not allow traditional counseling into your organization.
3)   You are not permitted to question too much.
4)   You are given an enemy to fight against.
5)   There is a leader you are told has the secrets.
6)   If anyone is antagonistic towards you, they are probably evil and must be cut off.
7)   You are given your own language.
8)   You only associate with and date other scientologists or Narconon grads.
9)   You work 60-80 hours a week.
10)   You are always offered another carrot.
11)   If it isn’t written by LRH it probably isn’t true.

I know that for many people on these sites, the cult-like atmosphere is obvious.  But it’s really obvious on the outside looking in.  When you are in the middle of it all, you are the ones with the secrets and the ones who are right.  Everyone else is wrong.

How strange it is that I actually was a member of a cult.  What an odd thing to say, but even odder to have experienced.


David Lee
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.


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