4TRUTH is dedicated to keeping no truth silent. The main focus on this blog is the Church (Cult) of Scientology and its vicious front groups like Narconon. 4TRUTH is founded for the sole purpose to disseminate the non-secular foundation of the The Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) and Narconon International into secular fields. The Cult of Scientology is a very destructive money making machine and Scientology’s Narconon is the most lucrative front group with a score of rehab facilities and programs that generate multi millions a year in revenues.  There are many other Scientology front groups, here are a few, Crimonon, Applied Scholastics “No Child Left Behind” Title I, Sea Org, The Way to Happiness, Anti-Drug, The Truth About Drugs Education Campaign, and Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR).  The scary thing is this isn’t all of them.  Scientology as a whole is a anti-psychiatry hate group.  Allthough I have listed many of Scientology’s front groups, 4TRUTH will be focused on the exposing of Narconon International praying on vulnerable minds in the delicate field of substance abuse.

  1. Ah…. My fist for real blog site. Advise to all Narconon’s around the world, WE RUN THIS!!

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